Do you need to change your situation? Do you have the desire to go after something you desperately want, and won’t accept the “no” that the universe has kept answering you with? Are you ready to use the awesome power of dream magic to realize your goals in love and prosperity? Well, if you answered yes, you’ve been drawn to the right place…

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My name is Max Westerly, and I am the only authentic practitioner of Lucid Dream Magic¬†you’ll find anywhere. The magic I practice is MUCH, much stronger than any other kind of magic out there today. I have been casting spells with it for over 20 years, and I have achieved a mastery of it that is second to none.

Magic Spells That Work

Don’t believe me? Take a minute to review the proof here. When you read how I stunningly and accurately predicted one of the most unlikely events of 2016 using dream magic, you’ll know I’m the real deal.

When you place your order, I’ll get straight to crafting and executing a powerful dream magic ritual in the realm of lucid dreams…by far the most fertile environment for spellwork available (find out why here). Once you give me some basic information about your spell target, I will proceed to conduct a ritual designed to command the universe to manifest your desires according to your wishes.

When finished, I will send you a full report explaining exactly what occurred, and what you can expect (average wait is currently 2 days for spells).

Max Westerly's Love & Lust Spells

Love Spells

The Soulmate Spell – This is what you need if you want to attract a romantic partner to have a long, passionate, emotionally rewarding relationship with. Have someone in particular in mind? I can craft the spell to attract that specific person to you (or back to you, in the case of an ex). If you don’t have anyone in mind, but still want to attract a true soulmate, I can cast the spell to magnetically draw someone to you who can make you happier than you can possibly imagine. ORDER NOW

The Lust Spell – Is there someone you’ve just got to mess-up the sheets with, but don’t know how to make it happen? With a Lust Spell, I can create an up-swelling of raw sexual desire for you in your target that he/she will be incapable of resisting. [POPULAR] ORDER NOW

Protection & Prosperity

The Protection Spell – Do you believe others are using magic spells against you? It’s a common fear and very justified — use of spells has never been more prevalent. You need a strong, protective spell that only my dream magic can provide, to keep others from negatively affecting your path. Lasts 1 full year. ORDER NOW

The Law of Attraction Spell – Have you tried using the Law of Attraction in the past and failed to get results? The reason many experience disappointment when trying LOA is that most people carry negative energies in their auras which work against their efforts to think positively and successfully harness the powerful Law. Let me cast a spell for you that will remove those energies from your aura and free you up to pursue your greatest potential using this amazing “secret.” Lasts 1 full year. ORDER NOW

The Good Fortune Spell – Tired of life not giving you what you want and deserve? Tired of working hard to get nowhere fast? Tired of seeing others get everything they want from the world, while you stay mired in mediocrity and failure? I can cast a powerful Good Fortune Spell that will help attract “lucky” opportunities into your path and open up doors for success! Lasts 1 full year. ORDER NOW

The Crypto Alpha Spell – The volatility of the cryptocurrency markets has caused a lot of grief for digital asset traders and investors. Are you riddled with anxiety and doubt about the future of your crypto investments? What if you could attract quality “alpha” information that could help you make better trades and improve your short term and long term results? This crypto spell will help you get the best, most actionable information. ORDER NOW

The Protection & Prosperity Pack – For a limited time, I’m offering all three of these powerful spells for a special discounted package price!! Buy 2 and get the third FREE! You must act quickly, though, as I cannot offer this kind of deal for very long. ORDER NOW


Here is just a sample of the glowing reviews my spells have received on Fiverr, where I have been offering my services for some time now.