PLEASE NOTE: I did not personally support EITHER major party candidate in the 2016 presidential election. The following simply concerns a vision of the future I was given.

By Max Westerly


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When anyone questions my abilities as a magic practitioner, I point them to my successfully fulfilled prophecies, which were revealed through the use of dream magic. In particular, a prediction I made on Twitter (where you cannot edit your posts, so no cheating is possible) in 2016. I accurately foretold of a stunning event that was as unlikely as they come — the election of Donald J Trump as President of the United States.

Max Westerly Trump Prophecy

Let me explain my remarkably accurate prediction of Donald Trump’s election in detail, so you will appreciate how serious a prophetic feat this was. In late August of 2016, Trump was trailing badly in the polls against his chief opponent, Hillary Clinton. He had just come off of a disastrous gaffe that involved him insulting a Muslim gold star family who had lost a son fighting for US forces in Iraq years earlier.

Some polls had him down by double digits, and mathematical prediction models were forecasting that he had a greater than 80% chance of losing the election. Most political commentators had declared him totally finished in his quest for the presidency, certain that he would never be able to come back from this gravely serious and reckless mis-step.

It was precisely at that time — when Trump was at his lowest point in the tracking polls and probability models — that I went to Twitter to issue my prophecy of his coming election.

Notice the date stamp on the tweet (2 and a half months before the November 8th election). I purposely issued this prophecy over Twitter so that there would be solid, verifiable proof of my prediction having been made well in advance of the election.

As you can see by clicking it, the tweet is real and genuine. It is a record of the fact that I knew, months ahead of time, that Trump would win the presidential election, despite being way behind in the polls and probability forecasts (and just to be clear — though I did predict his win, I did NOT personally support Trump, nor did I support Hillary Clinton).

As the campaign entered its final weeks, Trump’s poll numbers were still lagging badly behind Hillary Clinton’s. Then, a shocking new scandal erupted that most everyone thought would mean that Donald Trump would lose in possibly the largest landslide in the history of American presidential politics.

A video tape from “Access Hollywood” was released of Trump making extremely vulgar comments about women and talking about how you “just gotta grab ’em by the p***y.” Numerous women then started to come forward to accuse Trump of having groped them and abused them in years past.

Immediately following the release of the tape in October, Mr. Trump’s poll numbers cratered yet again. Hillary Clinton opened up a double digit lead over him in polls, and it was widely assumed that Trump could not possibly stand a chance to win the election now. Republican politicians started abandoning the Trump bandwagon, and he even began to lose the support of conservative radio talk show hosts like Hugh Hewitt. It looked all but over for The Donald.

That’s when, of course, I went back to Twitter to reaffirm my prediction that Trump would, as phenomenally unlikely as it may have seemed at the time, go on to surge in late October and win the election on November 8th.

Are you detecting a pattern here? I purposely made my predictions of Trump’s impending election win at the times when he was lowest in public support. I intentionally did this to show the world that I had a special insight on how this specific election would unfold.

Anyone can predict the election of a candidate who’s doing well in the polls and has broad support…but to predict the win of arguably the most controversial presidential candidate in history, at scandal-plagued times when he was being widely written off by the professional pundits, is another thing altogether.

Trump had never enjoyed a sustained lead against Clinton at ANY point in the presidential campaign by the time I made my initial prediction! Donald Trump looked like a sure loser from the very beginning…yet I knew something most didn’t.

And notice how I even accurately predicted the last-minute, come-from-behind October surge that would propel Trump to his victory (originally mentioned in my August 22nd tweet)! This was not about “lucky guesses,” my friends…it was about having a genuine magical insight into the course of history.

Do I have your attention yet?

The reason I am able to make stunningly accurate predictions such as this (and there are more coming, by the way) is because I am the first to use a form of dream magic designed by an actual goddess…a deity that I have contacted directly in lucid dreams, and who personally gave me the prophecy herself!

I know this is a lot to digest. I know it sounds incredible and too fantastic to believe…yet here on this very page is the overwhelming and undeniable proof that what I’m telling you is true.

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As to what else is in store for America and the human species, well….stay tuned.

– Max Westerly

DISCLAIMER: Please DO NOT misinterpret my prediction of Donald Trump’s presidency as support for him or his policies. I did NOT support ANY major candidate in the election, and I generally despise politics. I am simply a messenger, as they say…and much more of the message is to come.