Crypto Alpha Spell


Powerful lucid dream magick spell to improve the flow of quality “alpha” information that can enhance your trading and investment decisions.



The crypto market has never been more volatile, so the best way to determine the most profitable moves is to get access to the best, most accurate information before opening trades. You need to get the top quality “alpha” that allows investors and traders in cryptocurrency to make the big scores. This is where my lucid dream magick can serve you.

By opening up the ethereal energy channels around you that attract information into your awareness, I can make this vital alpha flow to you much more easily. Actionable information about crypto investments can reach you without impediment when your personal energy fields are aligned with the Jupiterian forces of abundance. That’s what this spell is designed to achieve.

Knowledge is power…and this spellcasting will help bring you more of the critical knowledge needed to achieve face-melting gains in crypto.

I’m NOT cheap, but my magick is the best, most powerful, and most effective you will ever find. When you consider how much profit you could make by dramatically improving the quality of crypto investment information that reaches you, the true immeasurable value of this spell becomes clear.

After ordering, please contact me here and give me your name and date of birth. This ritual is more involved than most of my others, requiring more time and preparation. Completion may take up to 4 days, upon which time I will write up a full report explaining exactly what occurred, and what you can expect. I will email you the PDF report for your examination.

I look forward to serving you.