Lucid Goddess

Massive Earthquake & Tsunami – Cascadia Fault


Seattle Cascadia Fault Tsunami Earthquake

After having conducted extensive dreamwork on the matter, I can now say with high confidence that a very large, catastrophic earthquake is soon to occur (see update below) on the Cascadia Fault, just off the pacific northwest coast of the United States. The mega temblor will produce a tsunami that will devastate the area and produce a cataclysm right out of a Hollywood disaster film.

As an adept lucid dream magick practitioner, I have the ability to gain knowledge about the past, present, and future that is hidden to most. My dreamwork, as of late, has concentrated on the issue of natural and man-made disasters…and for good reason. 2021 will be a year overflowing with both kinds.

Right now, though, the imminent threat is to Seattle and other cities and towns in the pacific northwest. The Cascadia fault is set to go off hard, and the resulting tsunami will create widespread destruction that few people currently alive have seen.

Update: Further investigation into this event has led me to conclude that it will occur in the summer of 2024. Thankfully, this gives people in that area more time to prepare for this eventuality. Stay tuned to this blog, and to my Twitter account for updates!

I urge everyone who may live in this area to take care and prep for what is coming. Learn your disaster plan and stock up on essentials. More revelations coming soon…