Lucid Goddess

Inaugurating A New Blog With A Mission


So, as people begin to take notice of my successful election prophecy, I anticipate there will be rapidly growing interest in the other aspects of my message as the new year progresses. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, there is a LOT more where that came from. Donald Trump’s election and ascendancy to power is simply the tip of the iceberg in terms of momentous events that will be coming very soon. A blog is, therefore, necessary to help convey my message in a clear way to those interested in keeping ahead of the troubles in our path.

Many are communicating a deep sense of fear over the inauguration of the next US president, but this fear is misplaced and wasteful, in my view. I don’t agree with Donald Trump on nearly anything, in terms of public policy issues, but I also do not fear his presidency because I realize its cosmic purpose. The presidency of Donald J Trump is an event that has been in the making for many, many years, and it must run its course and have its effect so that a new day can be seen on the other end. Destiny is at play here.

Think of president Trump as a trip to the dentist…you know you’re not going to enjoy it in the least, but you’ll probably walk out better off than when you went in. No, not because his policies will make your life better — they most likely won’t. But because the great advances of history often require certain cultural stimulants, coming from just the right direction, to unfold in ultimately positive ways.

Sometimes a great people fall asleep and forget that there are wolves in the woods. Sometimes they need to be reminded, in a way only hard reality can do, that the monsters aren’t always imaginary. Sometimes the days must get darker before the sunshine can return.

Buckle up, but remain optimistic and confident. Changes are coming which will test us, shock us, and ultimately make us much greater and stronger.

Keep your eyes on this blog.