Dream Magic 101


Ever wondered exactly how magic works? For example, why is it that when a practitioner conducts a ritual a certain way, and speaks a certain few words, does someone become more likely to fall in love, or become successful, or have their future revealed? Well, it’s all about probabilities.

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Tipping The Scales

Magic (which is sometimes spelled with a “k” at the end to distinguish it from the stage magic you might see at a Vegas show) is all about tilting the probability of events in favor of the person for whom the spell is being cast. For example, let’s say you have a job interview, but there are three other candidates competing with you for the job.

Casting a spell could “bend” reality in your direction by making it more likely that you will be chosen. Assuming that all 4 of you are equally qualified for the job, you would each (all other things being equal) have the same chance to be hired. But a magic spell cast for you would increase your odds and allow you to go home with the job.

Such a spell would require very little “magical energy” to be successful, due to the fact that your competitors are equally matched with you. However, if you happened to be significantly less qualified for the job than the other 3, the amount of magical energy required would increase.


Raising Magical Energy

So, how do you generate magical energy? Through ritual. And the more elaborate, loud, and emotional the ritual, the better. Rituals are the engine of magical change, and when they’re conducted in sufficiently grand fashion, the spells they launch can be quite powerful. A huge bonfire, at midnight, with a coven of witches joined together in chant and dance, can create a fantastic amount of spell energy, for example.

This kind of ritual would be far more powerful than a simple altar ritual, done by a solitary practitioner working alone without the aid of assistants. Basically, the bigger you go with rituals, the more bang you get in terms of results.

The problem with this is that, for most magical practitioners, it is impossible to create rituals of the kind of grandeur that could create the change most people seek when they request a spell be cast for them. If, for example, you want that job you’re not qualified for, so you ask a practitioner to cast for you, he or she better be able to pulloff the kind of grand ritual I describe above.

If not, the practitioner will most likely not be able to raise the kind of magical energy needed to tip the scales in your favor. This is why so many people who buy “real world” spells get disappointed and see no results. The magic is simply nowhere near powerful enough.

This is why “dream magic” is far superior to “real world magic,” and generally produces FAR better results. Dream magic is extremely difficult to master, so it’s no surprise that so few are able to practice it. In order to become adept at dream magic, you must first become a master at advanced lucid dreaming, which usually takes years of study and practice (advanced lucid dreaming is the act of consciously controlling your dreams).

Then, you must dedicate yourself to learning the special and occult rules behind the system, which was designed by a feminine spiritual entity of immense power (I call her a goddess). Once mastered, a dream magic practitioner can use his or her skill to craft grand rituals in the lucid dream environment that make most real world rituals pale in comparison.

For example, as a dream magic adept, I can set my rituals at physical locations such as ancient temples, or wonders of the world (some of my most powerful spells were cast from the top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt). I can recruit the aid of priestesses, magical servitors, and even historical figures to help infuse more energy into the ceremony.

In short, I can accomplish in my lucid dreams what simply is not possible in the real world…and THAT is why my results are so remarkable. If you have any doubts, please review the proof of my powers here.


My Spellworking Process

When you order a dream magic spell from me, I will plan the entire ritual to be conducted, then enter a period of lucid dreaming where I will command the physical setting for the ceremony to assemble.

Whether it be the temple of Venus at Baalbek, the ruins of Karnak, Stonehenge, or whichever other appropriate spot I judge to be the best site for your particular spell aim. I will then perform the ritual, joined by several magical assistants, and raise a profound amount of energy to infuse into the spellcasting.

Once I have completed the casting, I will write up a full report in pdf form and email it to you immediately. My spells are so powerful, and so effective, that I offer a full, unconditional money-back guarantee. If you feel unsatisfied with my work, all you have to do is ask, and you will receive a full refund!

So, there you have it…this is how dream magic works, and why it is simply unmatched by any other form of magic in existence. Don’t feel like taking my word for it? No worries…as I said, I have proof.

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