Crypto Astrology – Is It Effective?


The world of cryptocurrency investing is fraught with volatility, huge risk of loss, and the resultant anxiety that comes with both. Using astrology, therefore, to navigate the often rough waters of crypto investing can be a very wise decision, and can steer you clear of getting “rekt.”

A crypto influencer and astrology expert named Maren Altman has been putting out content that seeks to help investors and traders improve their results in the cryptocurrency markets. She has a TikTok with well over 1.2 million followers, and her crypto astrology advice has never been in greater demand.

After the Terra LUNA/UST fiasco of early May, there are now countless investors who have lost most or all of the gains they made during the 2020/2021 crypto bull run. These folks are desperate to get those gains back, but to do so, they realize they’re going to need a serious edge. Astrology just might be that critical edge.

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Or perhaps it might not be. You see, the idea of using the stars to improve your cryptocurrency investment decisions is really an incomplete one.

In order to discern which investment decisions are the correct ones FOR YOU, you first need to get your core ethereal energy aligned with the prosperity forces of the universe. Without first accomplishing this, the position or movements of the heavenly bodies will offer you no benefit whatsoever.

The reason for this is that by the time we reach adulthood, every one of us, by default, has a natural imbalance internal to us which keeps us from achieving sustained abundance and prosperity. The various trials of life create this imbalance, and the chief way to fix it is to become one with your inner light/dark dynamic — to know thyself.

Meditation is one way to address this problem. By achieving consistent and regular meditative states, you can begin to become familiar with how the internal forces of light and dark work inside of you. While this method requires a good bit of time, focus, and discipline, it can be quite effective.

Another method is to seek out the help of a psychic, or an intuitive friend who can help you access your internal light/dark dynamic quickly. Someone who is gifted with psychic perception can dig deep into your mind and bring your attention directly to what needs to be understood.

My preferred method of doing this though is, of course, lucid dreaming. By dreaming consciously, we can examine all of the internal issues that escape our attention when we’re awake. We can come to know ourselves in ways that are extremely difficult otherwise.

Once we have attained this inner harmony and balance, we can then move forward to use astrology to guide our financial and investment decisions, in crypto or any other asset market. Our ethereal energy will be aligned with the Jupiterian energy flows that cause prosperity and abundance.

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